Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

High winds send tree through ceiling of young girl's bedroom

During storms with high winds and spin up tornadoes, it doesn't take much for the wind to toss around debris. We often get calls for tree limbs, but not the ent... READ MORE

Moisture from rain water trapped beneath carpeting

Most times, people do not believe water seeping into their carpet is a big deal. Although moisture trapped on the surface may evaporate, there is likely water t... READ MORE

Storms Cause Flooding and Water Damage inside home

Strong storms and heavy rain caused serious flooding in the area of this home. This picture shows the damage done to a basement caused by flooding. There was a ... READ MORE

Storm Damage

This family’s home suffered damage after a recent hurricane. Thankfully they called SERVPRO to help them and several other families clean up debris and re... READ MORE

Tree Damage to Home

This home was caught in bad weather and had a tree go through the roof, causing water damage throughout the home. SERVPRO had to go in and have the tree removed... READ MORE

Roof Leak from Storm Damage

This customer had been on vacation, and came home to shingles blown off their roof from a storm causing water damage. The SERVPRO crew responded by tarping the ... READ MORE