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What Is Mold Remediation?

6/23/2022 (Permalink)

??white wall with black and grey mold If you are trying to handle a mold infestation in your home, call SERVPRO of Thomaston, Forsyth, & Fort Valley!

When you discover a mold infestation in your home, it can be a frightening and overwhelming event—and if you are like most people, your first thought will be, “How do I get this out of my home as soon as possible?”

For this reason, many people will find themselves searching for terms such as “get rid of mold” or “remove mold from home,” because this seems to be the main goal—but when we learn about mold, we will learn why these terms are a bit of a misnomer.

Below, we will look at the characteristics of mold and outline why “remediation” is the preferred term in the mold abatement industry.

The Nature of Mold Growth

Mold growth can be quite a tricky thing. In nature, mold’s function is to aid in the decay of organic material, which means it is always present and ready to do its job. Mold spores are

transmitted entirely through the air and are always present—it is helpful to think of them as agents that are always floating around and trying to do their job.

For this reason, when mold finds an area that is hospitable to growth, it will immediately invade the area and begin reproduction.

How Mold Gets Into Homes

Because mold is airborne, it can feel like a rather insidious spore. Mold can get into homes via open windows, by hitching a ride on shoes or clothing, by coming in through your HVAC system or by attaching itself to the fur of pets.

Essentially, there is no way to keep mold out…but it is possible to stop it from growing within the


How Mold Remediation Addresses Mold Problems

Because mold is present nearly everywhere, it is impossible to fully remove mold from the home. However, mold remediation will address the underlying issues that are encouraging mold

growth and remove the mold-infested materials that are breeding the spores.

While simply removing the mold may take care of the issue temporarily, it is vital to address the reason that the mold has found a hospitable home within your structure so it does not return.

If you are trying to handle a mold infestation in your home, we are the team to call. We practice mold remediation to address the underlying issues—contact us today to learn more.

Common Signs of Mold Growth

6/8/2022 (Permalink)

Microscopic Mold Growth SERVPRO of Thomaston, Forsyth, & Fort Valley is ready 24 hours a day to help you fight mold.

Dealing with mold growth is something that no home or business owner wants to deal with, but unfortunately, mold can be a persistent thing. Mold spores are always present in the air so there is the threat of them finding a nice spot to land. Thankfully, mold can only grow and expand in conditions that are favorable to its needs.

One of the conditions that mold likes best is areas that are dark without a lot of airflow—and because mold spores are airborne, they can quickly find places that fit the bill. This means that mold often grows in areas that are not readily apparent or accessible, meaning it is important to be aware of the signs of mold growth so you know what to look for.

The Common Indicators That a Building Could Have Mold Growth

Persistent, Dank Odors

One of the most evident (and frustrating) signs of mold is the persistent odor it produces.

Because mold’s main function in nature is to help organic matter decay, the smell it produces is dank and pungent. If you notice a persistent smell in an area that does not go away or worsens with time, it may be an indicator that mold is present somewhere in the area.

Water Damage That Was Improperly Treated

Mold loves areas that are moisture-heavy, which means water damage can often turn into a

mold problem if it is not treated properly. Water damage can soak into drywall, carpet pads and other hidden areas, and if it is not fully and properly addressed, it can lead to hidden mold growth in these unseen areas throughout the home.

Black Spots on Clothing or Fabrics

Mold can often make its home on fabrics, so if you begin noticing that clothes in your closet or upholstery on your furniture begins to attract spots of mold, that might be an indicator that there is a bigger issue elsewhere in the building. Because mold is airborne, it can travel from the main area it has set up for itself and attach to other objects as it tries to spread.

If you have questions about mold or are in need of mold remediation, we are here to help. Get in touch today to learn more about our services!

Let's Prepare Your Emergency Ready Plan Together

3/11/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO employee standing in office next to a person reviewing plans If the day comes where your business is hit with disaster or emergency, you can rest assured SERVPRO of Thomaston, Forsyth & Fort Valley will be there

Being a business owner can seem easy—the idea of getting to pick your hours is ideal! But the reality is, you’re always on call, whether you are there or not, and you are responsible for things like employee relations, payables and safety!

Disasters or accidents can disrupt your business in only a matter of minutes. It’s actually scary to see that FEMA states 40% of small businesses will not reopen after a natural disaster, and a quarter of those that do reopen are forced to close their doors within a year.

That’s why it’s imperative to have a safety plan in place for your business. Three-quarters of all small businesses don’t have a plan in place, and now is the perfect time to make the change. We are here and ready to help you become better prepared.

We are always ready and proud to serve our local communities such as Roberta, Fort Valley, Byron and Zenith, along with so many others. Together we will work to get your Emergency Ready Plan started. Being locally owned and operated means we are all neighbors, and we will help our neighbors through the good and bad times.

When we work together, our goal is to help minimize downtime within your company, and help everyone understand what to do. We will carefully review and analyze your business needs to determine what you might need in the face of a disaster. From there, we’ll detail exactly what to do, including alternative locations to work from and data backup, so that you can react with confidence and not chaos.

Business owners have to worry about enough, and disaster planning is one thing that we can help take off your plate. Contact your local SERVPRO experts to help you prepare your Emergency Ready Plan. You can trust us to protect your business and employees!

When your business is ready to prioritize planning and safety to prevent extended downtime, contact SERVPRO to get the Emergency Ready Plan underway from the folks who know all there is to know about disaster and recovery.

SERVPRO Gives You a Seamless Recovery Process

2/16/2022 (Permalink)

a SERVPRO employee reviewing plans in front of a large SERVPRO trailer truck We’ve got the tools and technology to handle any job. Contact SERVPRO of Thomaston, Forsyth, & Fort Valley to learn more.

Doesn’t a cake sound delicious? If it didn’t before the beginning of that sentence, it probably does now.

So let’s bake one from scratch. Ready? First, we’ll go to the local poultry farmer to get some eggs, then the dairy farm for milk. Then we’ll head over to the mill for flour (unless you want to mill it at home for authenticity, and…sugar from the cane fields, maybe?

Yeah, you could go to those extreme lengths to get all your ingredients. But it’s the 21st century, and at this point most of us are looking to find one place we can go to get all the things we need for a cake, or whatever other confectionary delight you may have in mind.

Most of our shopping isn’t modular anymore, because part of what makes a great business great is that it offers a level of convenience that makes it easy to use and often decreases the buyer’s cost.

One of the many great things about being your local SERVPRO is that we can provide you with a single place to take care of every element of restoration after a disaster. Whether the nature of your damage is from water, fire, natural disaster or anything in between, we can get your home fully back to tip-top shape from beginning to end.

Need carpet dried and cleaned? We’ve got you. Drywall burned up in a fire? We can replace it, finish it, and even paint it. (You know we started as a painting business, right?)

Everything from reframing and construction to the tiniest finishing touches—we can make it happen, and you don’t have to worry about the process dragging on because multiple companies and sets of contractors have to wait on each other, communicate poorly, undo, redo and haggle with your insurance agent. From step one to done, SERVPRO has it under control.

We’ll even talk to your insurance company to simplify that process, too.

So when a heavy storm rips through the house, an unexpected flood fills your basement with water, or an electrical fire eats up your hallway, don’t call five companies—call one.

Did you hear the oven ding? Cake’s ready.

For an A to Z cleanup, recovery and restoration solution, you don’t have to worry. Your local SERVPRO has all the tools and teams necessary to finish your project, no matter how complex.

SERVPRO Has the Expertise to Handle Your Cleanup and Recovery

2/11/2022 (Permalink)

a SERVPRO employee looking for signs of damage under crawl space of home When you need cleanup and recovery of any kind, SERVPRO of Thomaston, Forsyth, & Fort Valley has your back.

Have you heard of the 10,000 Hour Rule? It’s an idea popularized by author Malcom Gladwell that says, essentially, it takes 10,000 hours to master one’s craft and become an expert.

Noted achievers like Bill Gates in the tech world and Alex Rodriguez in sports and entrepreneurship subscribe to the idea that it takes concerted effort over a long period to be able to truly call yourself one of the best in a given field.

If the 10,000 hour rule holds true, then you can only imagine the level of expertise you can expect when you call your local SERVPRO to help you after a disaster in your home or business. Think about it—1,800 SERVPRO teams nationwide, doing business over the span of a half-century? We tried to do the actual math, but it just made us go cross-eyed.

The point is that when you call SERVPRO, you can be absolutely certain that you’re calling a reputable team of true experts, highly trained and heavily equipped for any home recovery need you may have.

Every SERVPRO franchise owner goes through complete training at the SERVPRO National Training Center, and every team member sits under them to extend that knowledge. We actually have a training house that we flood, set on fire and otherwise destroy, so that our teams can learn firsthand the latest techniques for restoring and repairing damaged homes, furnishings and more.

Expertise matters. And in an age where anyone can get on social media and crown themselves an expert, having a proven track record is what can set one service apart—and nobody has the track record of SERVPRO. For more than 50 years, we’ve satisfied literal millions of home and business owners with quality service and outstanding care.

When you call SERVPRO of Thomaston, Forsyth, & Fort Valley, you can rest assured you’re getting in touch with teams that know what they’re doing because they’ve been doing it for a lot of people, for a very long time. We’ve put in our 10,000 hours as a company many times over.

When you need thorough, expert home cleaning or restoration, you know who to trust. Contact SERVPRO when disaster strikes, and let the pros handle it.

Trust SERVPRO for Your Remodel

2/9/2022 (Permalink)

a small interior room with light brown wood floor being installed When you call SERVPRO of Thomaston, Forsyth, & Fort Valley, rest assured you’re getting in touch with the best restoration team in the business.

We talk a lot around here about recovery, damage from storms and fires, that sort of thing—and we should. A great deal of what we do revolves around helping families and business owners who are struck by sudden situations and find themselves in need of a trustworthy service company to help them restore their damaged homes and business.

That’s a role we’re proud to fill for millions of customers nationwide, and it’s gained us the industry-leader reputation we’re honored to have earned.

But it doesn’t take a tornado for you to take advantage of SERVPRO’s expertise.

Our highly trained construction teams can help you beautify, add on or remodel your home for no other reason than it being something you want to do. No disaster required.

Recent studies show that as many as 90% of homeowners plan on remodeling their homes at some point, and almost four out of 10 plan on doing it in the next year. If you’re one of these millions of homeowners, call SERVPRO of Thomaston, Forsyth, & Fort Valley when you’re ready to make it happen, and you can trust the same expert teams who rebuild countless homes after disasters to give your kitchen, basement or whole home the facelift you’ve always dreamed about.

We cover the whole process, top to bottom—from inspection and gathering estimates, to mitigating any hazards or other difficulties that may hinder or interrupt the process, to full-service rebuilding and construction.

We can even go the extra mile and help you with dust control, contaminant protection and more with our premium services and EPA-registered preventive healthcare solutions.

You’ll love your new remodel, and you’ll love how easy the process is when you can trust one team to get your work done, instead of a rotation of multiple repair crews slowing down the job and struggling to communicate with each other.

You don’t have to wait for a flood, fire or natural disaster to take care of the expert construction services SERVPRO offers. We can help you build, rebuild or remodel your home and get the dream look you’ve always wanted.

If a remodel is in your future, you owe it to yourself to check with SERVPRO and get a quote. Call us today and get a local team of experts invested in your project.

Whatever Your Restoration Need, We’ve Got You Covered

2/4/2022 (Permalink)

a green SERVPRO van parked in a warehouse full of equipment When you need cleanup and recovery of any kind, you can trust SERVPRO of Thomaston, Forsyth & Fort Valley to get the job done.

If you pass by a home or business that is up in flames, your heart truly goes out to those people. But when you see that green SERVPRO truck pull up, you know they are being well-taken care of.

At SERVPRO, we provide full-service cleaning, restoration and reconstruction services. So we will fix or clean things from top to bottom, and we will do it in a timely and efficient way.

Here’s a breakdown of SERVPRO services you can benefit from:

Water damage recovery. Whether you have encountered a flash flood that made its way into your home or you had a pipe that has busted, you can be certain that we will take care of you. When it comes to water, it doesn’t take much to do damage, and that’s why you should call us.

Fire damage recovery. A fire is reported every 23 seconds here in the United States. Fires, and the things used to put them out, can do a lot of damage, which requires lots of cleanup. That’s why we bring out all the help we can get.

Mold removal. Mold damage can creep up on you without you ever seeing it and can threaten the structure of your home. Once it’s established in your home or business, mold can spread quickly and easily, so call in the pros.

Storm recovery. Storms of any kind can cause damage, and no matter the size of damage it causes, you can count on us to help you restore your home or business.

Commercial needs. If you’re a business owner, have peace of mind in knowing we offer you all the same services we offer homeowners, plus a few extra!

General cleaning. Cleaning can be a headache for some, but for us here at SERVPRO, it’s pretty simple. We will provide your home or business cleaning services, including carpet or curtain cleaning and more.

Specialty cleaning. Sometimes you have cleaning needs that go beyond the basics. If you need specialized services such as document restoration or biohazard cleanup, we’re here to help.

Construction. Sometimes, damage can be severe and restoring your place is out of the question. The good news is you don’t have to find another company to help you—SERVPRO can reconstruct your home or business and get it looking “Like it never even happened.”

Add 24-hour service and an easy insurance process to all this, and the picture becomes clear—when you need cleanup and recovery of any kind, you can trust SERVPRO to get the job done.

Why SERVPRO Should Be Your Top Choice for Water Damage Restoration

2/2/2022 (Permalink)

Woman Holding Pot Catching Dripping Water Water damage is always unexpected, but SERVPRO of Thomaston, Forsyth, and Fort Valley is ready to jump into action. Give us a call today!

Having water damage your home is something that can feel extremely overwhelming. Whether you have a leak, a flood or other type of water-related issue, water damage can be disruptive to your life and your routine. And if you are unsure of how to handle it, it can be more disruptive than you imagine.

No matter where you live, it is important to understand your risk for flooding and other types of water damage—especially because one in 10 properties in the United States are at risk for flooding—so you can plan ahead for it. Water damage can come about suddenly, but having a plan in place for who to call can help you handle it quickly and efficiently.

Why to Choose SERVPRO for Water Restoration at Your Home

**We respond quickly to your call.** Water damage is not something that you want to leave unattended for any length of time. Mold and mildew growth can start quite quickly after water damage, but the faster it is addressed, the less likely this is to be an issue. With our 24/7 emergency line, you can be confident that you can get in touch with us whenever you need us.

**We understand the intricacies of water damage.** Water damage is rarely a simple issue, and oftentimes, it is a rather complex one. Water can seep into many places that are not supposed to be wet, and when these areas are hidden, it is impossible to know the scope of the issue. Because we understand the intricacies of water damage, we monitor impacted areas to find any areas with hidden moisture to make sure any water damage is fully addressed. **We have a national backup plan.

** If there is a widespread issue that causes water damage, such as flooding, resources in the local area can be spread quite thin. We combat this issue by having the backing of our national brand—because there are SERVPRO locations across the nation, we can scale up resources, equipment and technicians as needed, so you can expect the same level of service even when there is an extreme need.

*If you need assistance with water damage in your household, you can count on us to be there for you. Get in touch with us at any time to learn more about our water restoration process.

Why SERVPRO Is Your Go-To for Any Restoration Needs

2/2/2022 (Permalink)

Man Talking on Phone SERVPRO of Thomaston, Forsyth, & Fort Valley is ready 24 hours a day to help with your restoration needs.

Needing restoration on your home is something that can feel rather overwhelming, but eventually, it is likely to happen. From damaging severe weather incidents to leaks or kitchen fires, there are many ways that a home can sustain damage, but fortunately, there are comprehensive solutions that can help ease the complications of restoration.

To better prepare your household to deal with damages that need restoration, it is best to think ahead regarding what company you would like to use. That way, when you discover damage, you can make the call immediately to begin the restoration process.

In most cases, it is vital that restoration happens quickly—so below, we have outlined a few reasons why we are here to be your go-to.

Why to Choose SERVPRO for Your Restoration Needs

**We understand that each scenario is different.** While incidents that require restoration are quite common, every scenario is still different. For example, in spite of the fact that house fires impact more than 350,000 families each year, every fire causes damage that varies in its scope. That is why we make sure that we have the expertise to deal with damages of any type, so you can always feel confident when you call on us.

**We provide a response 24 hours a day.** When it comes to damage restoration, it is important to act fast. This is vital not only for helping your household get back to its usual state, but it is also a must to prevent further issues from arising, such as mold and mildew growth after water damage. For this reason, we are here to respond to your call 24/7, 365 days a year.

**We do more than damage restoration.** In addition to simply restoring the damage an incident has caused in your home, we also help with every aspect of the process. From helping you pack things up to dealing with your insurance agent to get the most for your claim, we aim to provide assistance in any way we can throughout the process.

*If you are in need of a go-to partner for residential restoration, you can count on us. Contact us at any hour to learn more about our process or to receive a rapid response to your damage.

Where to Start on Fire Safety Efforts for the Home

1/31/2022 (Permalink)

Man Installing Smoke Alarm Having a Fire Safety Plan is essential to being prepared for an emergency. Let SERVPRO of Thomaston, Forsyth, and Fort Valley help you create yours.

If you are hoping to improve your household fire safety, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. House fires are certainly dangerous, but given the multitude of ways they can start, understanding what fire prevention measures to take around the home can seem like it will be a daunting task.

Fortunately, fire safety is actually quite simple! By adding certain habits into your household routines, you can make major strides in reducing your likelihood of a fire and keeping your family safer.

Read on to learn more regarding where to start when improving fire safety in the home.

How to Begin Your Fire Safety Efforts at Home

**Start with your smoke alarms.** If you are new to fire safety efforts, starting with smoke alarms is really the best thing that you can do. Most people will have less than three minutes to escape when a fire begins in the home, but smoke alarms can ensure all members of your household are alerted quickly so they can begin evacuating. Make sure you have smoke alarms installed throughout each level of the home and in every sleeping area, and test them once per month to be sure they are operational and do not need a battery replacement.

**Create an escape plan.** As previously mentioned, being able to escape quickly is so important in the event of a house fire. It is wise to draft a fire escape plan for your home, and practice it with each member of your household at least every six months. Be sure that you are able to execute your plan in around two minutes, and that everyone knows where to meet up once they are safely outside.

**Consider your cooking habits.** Cooking is one of the most common causes of house fires, so evaluating your cooking habits can be a great way to prevent fires from starting. Be careful about flammable objects near the stove and leaving food unattended while cooking. Additionally, make sure that you have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen that is rated to handle cooking and grease-related fires.

*If you have damage to your home from a house fire, we are the team to call. We are here 24/7 to provide you with a rapid response. Get in touch today to learn more.

Cleaning Businesses of All Sizes and Kinds | SERVPRO® of Thomaston, Forsyth & Fort Valley

11/3/2021 (Permalink)

Are you ready to have the cleanest business in town? Contact SERVPRO of Thomaston, Forsyth & Fort Valley for all your cleaning needs!

Most people recognize SERVPRO for the restoration work done for homeowners after accidents or disasters! But we want to remind you that we are every bit as passionate about business owners.

We provide home and business owners with the same exceptional services following any storm, water, fire or mold damage. But we also provide business owners with something that can help them keep their business space clean and sanitized.

Commercial Services for Businesses of Any Kind or Size

Business owners should focus on just that—business! Let us take on the duty of ensuring your commercial space is clean and sanitized. Our professionals use high-quality equipment to care for your business, and we help all kinds of businesses:

Retail facilities, like electronics stores, hardware stores or your local drug store. Regardless of the size of the store you have, cleanliness is a requirement, and that’s why we treat everyone equally.

Educational facilities, like institutes, schools or daycares. Children seem to be a magnet for germs, and with these types of facilities, regular cleaning is a must. But even with regular cleaning but teachers and students, you’re only removing half the bacteria from desks.

Health facilities, like hospice facilities, hospitals or doctors’ offices. Health is top priority at these facilities, so much that it’s a mandate! SERVPRO can help you exceed CDC requirements for cleanliness.

Foodservice facilities, like convenience stores, restaurants or manufacturing plants. If your place isn’t clean, you can kiss business goodbye. Let us help prepare the space, while you prepare the food.

Property management, like commercial businesses, apartment complexes or multi-level high rises. The lobby of these places can immediately make a customer’s mind up. That’s why we can ensure that yours will not only be beautiful but sanitized as well.

With illness infecting a workplace, the workforce can lose $260 billion per year in lost productivity. That’s why SERVPRO offers the services that we do—to help you stay ready.

When you’re ready to have the cleanest business in town, we’re ready to help. Contact your local SERVPRO to get the pros working on the cleaning so you can work on the work.

Trusting a Restoration Company With Your Home | SERVPRO® of Thomaston, Forsyth & Fort Valley

10/8/2021 (Permalink)

You can rest easy knowing you’ve got the trusted leader in the restoration industry on the line, SERVPRO of Thomaston, Forsyth & Fort Valley.

Sometimes things pop up unexpectedly and bring about disaster in your home. It could be caused by a natural disaster or an accidental kitchen fire that will cause you to have to make a quick decision on who can help restore your home.

As you prepare to restore your home, there are a few questions that you need to be able to answer.

Are They Reputable?

If you have had a disaster strike your home or business before, you know to be aware of scammers. They tend to show up to your “rescue,” and promise you the world at the right price—when in reality, they take your money and leave.

With SERVPRO, you will never have to worry about that. We have been involved in the restoration industry for over 50 years.

We have worked hard to maintain a stellar reputation by putting in whatever work it takes to ensure that our customers are satisfied.

Can You Call on them?

Disasters strike, and when that happens, time is of the essence. You need to know that you have someone you can call on immediately to act fast.

Since we have done this for so long, we know that the longer water sits in your home, the more damage, and the more it will end up costing you. That’s why we have employees on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Is There a Support System?

SERVPRO of Thomaston, Forsyth & Fort Valley is locally owned and operated, and because of that some of our customers are our friends and family! Being local also ensures we can act fast.

But we are also backed by a national network. If disaster strikes the entire community, we can reach out to our corporate partners for additional support and resources, ensuring there are never any gaps in our coverage.

When you call SERVPRO, you can rest easy knowing you’ve got the trusted leader in the restoration industry on the other end of the line. When disaster hits home, contact us to get our local experts and nationwide network on your side.

SERVPRO Is at Your Service | SERVPRO® of Thomaston, Forsyth & Fort Valley

8/9/2021 (Permalink)

When you are dealing with any damage, immediate action is crucial. SERVPRO of Thomaston, Forsyth & Fort Valley is your local restoration expert.

As a homeowner or business owner, your main priority is to make sure that things are running smoothly for you and your family or employees.

While you strive for smooth, though, it isn’t always the reality. Disasters and accidents happen, and when they do, your daily duties take a back seat so that you can deal with the new issues that have popped up.

The pressure of getting life back to “normal” has now become your main focus and takes you away from more important items of your routine.

Our SERVPRO technicians are here to take that burden off of your plate. As professionals in disaster recovery, we make it our priority to get your home or business back to its main function.

At Your Service 247

We are standing by 24 hours a day, seven days a week so that we are available for you. When disaster happens, we all want it fixed now.

That’s why we don’t have to get ready, we are always ready!

Faster Service

We know better that anyone that when disaster strikes every second counts.

When your home or business has standing water in it, every moment that passes contributes to more mold growth. When your house has experienced a fire, more smoke odor can permeate as the minutes tick by.

A fast response is crucial, and with a local office right here nearby, it means we can get to you faster.

All the Bases Are Covered

Whether it’s your home or business, disaster doesn’t discriminate.

With custom solutions for any situation we can get your home or business back to normal. We have highly trained technicians who stay up to date on certifications so that we can always provide you the best services.

"Like it never even happened."

We pride ourselves on our work and strive to keep our customers happy. As experts in recovery and restoration, we ensure that every last bit of damage or destruction has been taken care of.

Services to Meet Changing Needs

Disease prevention is more valued than ever before. Because of this, we now offer cleaning services that go well beyond the traditional janitorial services.

When you offer a safe working environment, it proves that you have concern for both your employees and customers. SERVPRO can offer you Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned and peace of mind at the same time.

Accidental or natural disasters are bound to happen to everyone at some point or another. When one occurs, know that we’re here to help.

Regardless of why you need cleanup or disaster recovery, SERVPRO has the tools, the technicians and the training to get your situation under control. When you’re ready to get help from the best, get in touch with SERVPRO of Thomaston, Forsyth & Fort Valley.

Having a career at SERVPRO!

7/15/2021 (Permalink)

Join our team today!

Do you love helping people through difficult situations?

 Then don’t miss your chance to join our Franchise as a new Water and Fire Damage Technician. In this position, you will be making a difference each and every day. We have a sincere drive toward the goal of helping make fire and water damage "Like it never even happened."

Our Franchise is seeking someone who is comfortable working hard in challenging situations, enjoys meeting new people, has excellent communication skills, enjoys supervising others, and is a serious multi-tasker. If you are self-motivated and have superb interpersonal skills, then you’ll thrive in this work environment. Are you highly dependable and super-excited about routinely exceeding expectations? Then you may be our perfect hero!

As a valued SERVPRO® Franchise employee, you will receive a competitive pay rate, with opportunity to learn and grow.

Job Description: 

Respond to service calls as needed. Perform services as assigned, following SERVPRO® production guidelines. Communicate with the crew chief to make sure all customer needs are met. Support crew chief and other production personnel, as needed. Clean and maintain vehicles, equipment, warehouse, and office areas, as needed.


  • Inventory and load the work vehicle with equipment, products, and supplies needed for each project
  • Maintain a clean and organized vehicle and clean equipment appearance
  • Prepare rooms/areas for work activities
  • Set up staging area and equipment for each project
  • Leave job site with a clean and orderly appearance
  • Perform production processes following SERVPRO® production guidelines per work order per crew chief directions
  • Ensure clear two-way communication with crew chief and other technicians (especially regarding customer needs and concerns)
  • Perform end-of-day/end-of-job cleanup and breakdown to leave job site with a clean and orderly appearance
  • Understand and follow safety and risk management guidelines on the job site, in the office, and while traveling


  • Effective oral communication
  • Experience in cleaning/restoration preferred
  • High school diploma/GED
  • IICRC certifications preferred
  • Ability to travel locally and out of state as necessary
  • Ability to successfully complete a background check subject to applicable law. 

Physical and Work Environment Requirements:

  • Ability to regularly lift 50 pounds and ability to lift up to 100 pounds with assistance
  • Exposure to chemicals
  • Walking and standing for long periods of time, driving, sitting, climbing,
  • Ability to climb ladders and work at ceiling heights
  • Ability to work in tight spaces (e.g., crawls spaces under buildings)
  • Repetitive pushing/pulling/lifting/carrying objects. 

All employees of a SERVPRO® Franchise are hired by, employed by, and under the sole supervision and control of an independently owned and operated SERVPRO® Franchise. SERVPRO® Franchise employees are not employed by, jointly employed by, agents of, or under the supervision or control of SERVPRO Industries, Inc., the Franchisor, in any manner whatsoever.

Click this link to apply!

Immediate Response 24/7

6/2/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Thomaston, Forsyth & Fort Valley provides 24-hour emergency service and is dedicated to being “faster to any-sized disaster” within our community. We can respond immediately to your emergency and have the expertise to handle your restoration or cleaning needs.

  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • Faster to Any-Sized Disaster
  • Highly Trained IICRC Restoration Technicians
  • The #1Trusted Leader in the Restoration Industry
  • Locally Owned and Operated for over 40 Years
  • Advanced, Industrial Restoration and Cleaning Equipment
  • Ranked #10 overall in the franchise system in the nation by Entrepreneur Magazine

We also offer Commercial Services in Middle Georgia

There's never a convenient time for fire or Water damage to strike your commercial property. Every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. If and when the need arises for professional cleaning or emergency restoration services, we have the training and expertise to respond promptly with highly trained technicians to get your property back to business. Learn more about our commercial services:

  • Commercial Water Damage Restoration
  • Commercial Fire Damage Restoration
  • Commercial Mold Remediation
  • Commercial Construction and Building Services
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Commercial Restoration
  • Commercial Storm and Weather Events

SERVPRO of Thomaston, Forsyth & Fort Valley is the #1 trusted leader for Fire & Water Cleanup & Restoration. Call the professionals at 478-956-1214.

Odor Control and Removal

6/1/2021 (Permalink)

Always wear personal protective equipment when dealing with biohazards and smells.

SERVPRO of Thomaston, Forsyth & Fort Valley managers and technicians are trained for a variety of situations, including the control and removal of offensive odors.

By definition, an odor is a distinctive (and typically unpleasant) smell that can be picked up by people. SERVPRO technicians have a variety of methods to remove these odors, but they all typically begin with identifying the source of the odor. Some common examples of odor sources include:

  • Property Damage (Fire or Water Damage, Mold Growth)
  • Animals (Dander, Bodily Waste, Infestations)
  • Trash and Waste (Rotting Food, Sewage)

Most people think there are special sprays that can help remove odors, but this is a myth. Sprays usually mask the odor temporarily, resulting in the unpleasant smell coming back after some time. This is why it’s important to identify the source of the odor and remove it before attempting deodorization with sprays or mists.

Once the source has been pinpointed and removed, SERVPRO of Thomaston, Forsyth & Fort Valley technicians have a variety of ways to eliminate remaining odors. We can use two different types of fog, Thermal Fog or ULV Fog, depending on the source of the odor and its strength. We can also use specialty fans and filtration equipment to clean the air.

One of our stronger methods of deodorization is the use of ozone, which is particularly useful against odors from smoke, pet odors, mildew and organic pollutants. Ozone is also called “activated oxygen” because chemically it is an added oxygen molecule (03), which makes it highly reactive with particles it comes into contact with. The extra oxygen atom attaches itself to the other molecules to create a new molecule, one that isn’t smelly, in a process called oxidation. Once the ozone is ventilated and dissipates, most odors are gone and there is only a neutral smell.

A word of caution – Ozone, and ozone generators, should be used and handled by trusted professionals like the technicians at SERVPRO of Thomaston, Forsyth & Fort Valley because there are some risks with the use of these products. There are certain materials that don’t do well when exposed to ozone, such as certain textiles, leather, rubber and certain plastics. Ozone has also been known to bleach materials like carpets and upholstery if the materials are wet when exposed to the ozone gas. Ozone can also be harmful to the human body if it is inhaled, potentially causing lung irritation, breathing problems and headaches.

The bottom line is if you are dealing with unpleasant odors or smells that are really a bother, call SERVPRO of Thomaston, Forsyth & Fort Valley and we can assess and handle the removal of those odors safely and efficiently.

Questions? Give us a call! (478) 956-1214

Choosing an Expert Team for Your Home’s Restoration | SERVPRO® of Thomaston, Forsyth & Fort Valley

4/21/2021 (Permalink)

Contact SERVPRO of Thomaston, Forsyth & Fort Valley today. We work with you and your insurance company to get things back to normal quickly.

There is never a good time to discover that your home has sustained damage due to a fire or natural disaster, but in case you do, it is important to have a plan. The restoration team you choose to handle the job will be the biggest factor in how smoothly the process goes, which is why understanding who you are working with is key.

Many people do not understand what a threat it is to have something happen to your home that causes damage. About one in every 350 homes will have to file a fire claim in the U.S. this year according to the Insurance Information Institute, and if you add fires into the statistics about water and storm damages, the likelihood becomes much higher at one out of every 20 homes.

Do not let these statistics scare you, but do use them as a catalyst for making a solid plan in case damage occurs to your home. A restoration company that has the right experience and training is key to being certain your home will be restored properly and in a timely manner—that is why we invest so heavily in our technicians’ education and training.

Choosing the Right Team for Home Restoration Work

When you put your faith in SERVPRO of Thomaston, Forsyth & Fort Valley for your home restorations, you will be assured that you are getting the best people possible for the job.

We train every one of our technicians extensively, not just with our own heavily researched materials, but also using certifications and guidance from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The IICRC is a nonprofit that sets the standard for the restoration industry, which is why we encourage all of our technicians to pursue the certifications that they offer.

Because training is such a major component of the work that we do, we feel confident in our ability to handle any type of restoration job that area homeowners need. From fire to storm to water damage, you can call us any time of the day or night and be certain you will get highly trained technicians to handle the job.

If your home is damaged due to a fire or any other cause, you can always count on us for restoration assistance. We have teams who are available 247 in the event of an emergency. Contact us at any time to learn more about our restoration services and how we can help your family.